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The Wonders of Lavender

 The Wonders of Lavender at Tasmanian Lavender Gifts What is Lavender?

Lavender is a compact aromatic shrub belonging to the Lamiaceae (Labiatse) family. It is native to Mediterranean regions where it thrives on dry stony mountain slopes. Lavender traditionally blooms in late Spring to early Summer with blue/violet flowers displayed on long slender stems.

The name 'Lavender' is derived from the Latin 'lavare' - to wash. Lavender is one of the most popular of herbs and is noted for its mild antibacterial properties and calming effect on the skin and senses.


What is Lavender Oil?

Lavender Oil is traditionally collected from the steam distillation of harvested lavender flowers. Oil is released from tiny glands around the fine hairs surrounding the flowers and condenses to form a clear to pale yellow aromatic liquid.

Properties of Lavender

Antibacterial - effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, yeast and fungi.

Insect Repellent - Discourages a broad range of insects including flies and mosquitoes.

Sedative - Reduces Stress, promotes healthy sleep, reduces blood pressure and relieves tension.

Aids Digestion - Carminative and diuretic properties.

Anti Depressant - Has been shown to stimulate brain activity and reduce confused behaviour.

Anti-Spasmodic - Stimulates blood flow, reduces muscle tension and promotes healing.

How to use Lavender Oil

Note: Lavender Oil is one of the most useful and safest of all essential oils. However, it should always be used carefully and sparingly. Use should be discontinued if any skin sensitivity or irritation is evident.


To relieve symptoms of headache, stress, sleeplessness or tension.

Try a drop or two of Lavender Oil on a tissue and place under your pillow cover.

Place a few drops in a tub of warm water and immerse yourself and unwind.

Soak your feet in warm water to which a few drops of oil have been added.

Apply sparingly to temples or back of neck (great for relieving headaches).

Use in your favourite vaporiser.

Add a few drops to warm almond or olive oil; it makes a great massage oil.

Place one or two drops on an eye pillow and relax.


Apply "neat" directly to insect bite or sting.

Apply to exposed skin (wrists and ankles) to deter insects.

Apply a few drops to bath to relieve and soothe rashes and irritation.


A few drops in the bath water can help with conditions such as mild ache, some dermatitis and eczema. (Use over prolonged periods should not be undertaken without consulting your doctor.

Lavender Oil can assist the healing of tissue from minor burns.

Add a few drops to your favourite balm or moisturiser to help condition your skin.


Add a few drops to a favourite oil and apply to pulse points.

Mix a little with your preferred fabric or hair conditioner.

Refresh potpourri naturally.

Add a drop or two to your ironing water.

Place a drop or two on your vacuum cleaner filter.


Our Lavender Oil is naturally low in camphor and safe for flavouring food and beverages.

Add a drop of Lavender Oil to a cube of sugar and place in your sugar jar. Use for baking or as a sweetener with a subtle difference.

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